Hydrotherapy at Lewes Physiotherapy

Hydrotherapy is the use of a warm pool for the therapeutic treatment of a variety of conditions. This is normally undertaken by a specially trained physiotherapist. The warm water allows muscles to relax and reduce pain in joints. The slow controlled exercises prescribed can utilize the water as a resistance for strengthening and buoyancy for assistance of movement and body weight support.

By exercising in this environment, it is possible to improve strength and flexibility, which might otherwise be too difficult on dry land.

Hydrotherapy is the use of a warm pool to carry out Physiotherapy treatment/exercise. The warm water helps reduce pain and stiffness, allowing you to exercise more comfortably. The water can be used to assist or resist movements, depending on the exercises prescribed by the Physiotherapist. The buoyancy of the water can allow better comfort of mobility by reducing pressure on joints. During your session, the Physiotherapist will remain in the water with you and guide you through your programme.

Your Physiotherapist is fully up to date with basic life support, manual handling training, is a trained first aider and former lifeguard. The gym staff are also on hand in case any emergencies arise.

Matt Waters and also additional Physiotherapist attached to Lewes Physio are registered to the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and are also fully insured and also DBS checked (Disclosure and Barring Service), that service formally being CRB (Criminal Records Bureau).

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hydrotherapy-aquatic therapy Lewes Physiotherapy ©