Manipulative manual therapy

Manipulative manual therapy at Lewes Physiotherapy

Manipulative/manual therapy encompasses a wide range of techniques used to reduce stiffness and improve range of movement in joints throughout the body. These are frequently used techniques, in many cases shown to temporarily improve range of movement and reduce pain within a joint. These can vary greatly, from slow sustained or oscillatory techniques, to a quick manipulative thrust. Following a thorough assessment, your Physiotherapist may decide to employ one of these techniques, at which point they would discuss this and any potential risks and benefits with you. It is likely, any techniques such as these would be used in combination with other treatments to maintain and improve on any benefits gained.

Physical activity requires a component or combination thereof of strength (force), speed (slow or fast), range of movement (flexibility and joint range) and duration (including repetitions).

Matt Waters and also additional Physiotherapist attached to Lewes Physio are registered to the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and are also fully insured and also DBS checked (Disclosure and Barring Service), that service formally being CRB (Criminal Records Bureau).

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