Pain management

Pain management at Lewes Physiotherapy

Pain can be influenced through a variety of mechanisms and factors. These include the physical influences such as damage to a tissue or structure, environmental factors and psychological or social factors. When working closely with you to help reduce your pain, your Physiotherapist may not only use therapies such as soft tissue techniques, joint mobilizations, acupuncture, electrotherapy or exercise; they may also incorporate an educational element. This is particularly useful in chronic (long term) pain, where physiotherapy or orthopaedic intervention alone is not effective. By better understanding how pain is caused, it can be much easier to manage it. This can include knowing what activities can be done safely, pacing strategies to make the most of “good days” without aggravating symptoms, managing flare ups and relaxation techniques. A useful link to get a better understanding of this is

Physical activity requires a component or combination thereof of strength (force), speed (slow or fast), range of movement (flexibility and joint range) and duration (including repetitions).

Matt Waters and also additional Physiotherapist attached to Lewes Physio are registered to the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and are also fully insured and also DBS checked (Disclosure and Barring Service), that service formally being CRB (Criminal Records Bureau).

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Pain Management at Lewes Physiotherapy ©